the tenth planet

As soon as I heard rumours that the First Doctor would be returning to Doctor Who, and that his appearance would take place during his last television story, The Tenth Planet, I began making plans for a re-edit.

For this production, we re-edited the events of Twice Upon a Time to retell the story from the First Doctor's perspective, effectively removing any scenes where he wasn't present. We also converted the story into black and white and added appropriate film grain and the appropriate title sequence.

But that's not all. We also replaced the incidental music, stripping out everything from the new series and replacing it with the same music suite used for the Tenth Planet.

Unfortunately, stripping out the vocals caused us to lose the Glass Woman's dialogue. This was wonderfully recreated by actress Catherine Curtis who recorded all of the Testimony's dialogue for us to use in our special edition "Part 4 & 5" re-edit of this popular story!


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