After the success of our Eighth Doctor stories, it was inevitable that we would attempt a sequel series starring his successor. Much like McGann, John Hurt features in one full story and we were determined to provide the War Doctor with a little of an era.

One of the first problems we encounters was that Hurt had worked on few TV shows that could be properly edited to fit the Doctor Who mythos. Therefore, we were forced to improvise.

Our first story uses the Night of the Doctor minisode as a flashback, as the newly regenerated Doctor engages in a cat and mouse game with his pursuer. We intentionally left many details vague with the plan to resolve them in a future episode.

Whereas our McGann series had used footage from a multitude of sources, each Hurt episode would use material from just one or two shows. This was a conscious choice based on the works availale to use.

Therefore, beyond Doctor Who, this episode uses footage from just one other source: Crime and Punishment.

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