the light at the end

I'm primarily a visual person. Because of that, I often struggle to follow the Big Finish audio dramas. It's a shame really as I'm missing out on an enormous part of Doctor Who media.

It was through my struggles that I decided to attempt a visual reconstruction of The Light at the End. One of the main problems I have, is differentiating the various character voices. With the first part of this story, that problem is practically non-existent with a very small number of "new" characters.

While I was happy with how the first episode came out, I was unable to put together the conclusion due to a combination of factors, ranging from my struggles with the medium, to simple lack of time.

While this production was made "for my eyes only", I present it here for your viewing pleasure - sans the soundtrack. Buy the official CD from Big Finish and listen to it alongside the video to the right!

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