The fifth episode in our Eighth Doctor Adventures sees the Doctor fall in love with a potential future companion. Meanwhile, Kate Stewart investigates the appearance of a mysterious being known as the Trickster...

We wrote this story quickly as a dedication to Lis Sladen and Nick Courtney after their untimely deaths and both characters feature in small cameo roles. In addition, the story was written as a tie in to the Sarah Jane Adventures episode "Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane".

The story went through several iterations, first featuring the Brigadier as the lead side character. Later, this was changed to Benton before evolving into Kate Stewart after seeing her appear in the new series.

This episode featured footage from the following Non-Who sources:

  • Collision

  • The Sarah Jane Adventure (multiple episodes)

  • Captain Jack's Monster Files

  • Daemos Rising

  • The Little House

  • Downtime

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