The second and third episodes in our Eighth Doctor Adventures sees the Doctor team up with supposed fictional character Horatio Hornblower to track down a Time Lord exile and battle a Cyberman alliance!

After the simplicity of our first story, we chose to make the next one a little more involved and focus on more than one plot thread. By combining footage from the Hornblower series together with another of David Warner's roles, we were able to craft a story that involved mind control, cyber conversion and the loss of a father figure for the Doctor.

We named Warner's character Ulysses after the Doctor's father in the unmade American TV series and, while the story doesn't confirm that the character is the Doctor's father - we certainly wanted to imply that.

This episode and the next would later be unknowingly alluded to in "The Day of the Doctor" which features a painting of the Cybermen on a sailing ship. It also suggests an alliance between the Cybermen of both the standard WHO universe, and that of "Pete's World"; a suggestion that would later be championed by Neil Gaiman upon the broadcast of "Nightmare in Silver."

This episode featured footage from the following Non-Who sources:

  • Hornblower: Mutiny

  • The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne: In The Beginning

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