Our second John Hurt story was arguably the only time when the War Doctor got to relax and have a little fun. Obviously danger strikes and he is drawn into a mystery, but for the early portion of the story, the character behaves in a manner comparable to any of his predecessors.


This was the first episode that we worked on after consulting John Hurt's filmography. Exclusively using footage from the movie Frankenstein Unbound, it sees the Doctor working on a weapon for the High Council of Gallifrey before being swept away by a time fissure into Earth's past.


Of all Hurt's works, Frankenstein Unbound is the easiest to remake as Doctor Who. The main character is referred to as both Doctor and Doc on multiple occasions and the story even involves time travel and historical figures. It truly felt like it was meant to be!


The ending of the story left quite a large cliffhanger that would remain unresolved until our penultimate episode "Requiem". 

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