The twelfth episode in our Eighth Doctor Adventures sees the Doctor return to meet Horatio Hornblower in a battle with a race of Sea Beasts. But an old enemy is waiting in the wings with a secret that will change the Doctor's life forever...

We began this story as the beginning of the end for the Eighth Doctor, with a story arc beginning that would not culminate until our final episode. The story was a little on the simple side and included just two special effects compared to the many used in the past several episodes.

While we felt aliens posing as humans was a little on the light side, the glitching faces we depicted were later duplicated in the 2015 episode "Face the Raven". Finally, the returning character at the end of this story would later appear in a bigger role in our next episode.

This episode featured footage from the following Non-Who sources:

  • Hornblower: Loyalty

  • Hornblower: Duty

  • Sea Beast 

  • The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne: The Book of Knowledge

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