The first episode in our Eighth Doctor Adventures sees the Doctor battle a Time Lord demon, teaming up with the Scottish branch of Torchwood along the way.

Memoirs in Time was the very first production created by our team and was the inspiration for all our works that followed. By combining footage from Doctor Who, together with material from Paul McGann's non-Who TV and film roles, we were able to craft new storylines.

This often involved the addition of new dialogue recorded by our team of impressionists, combined with unique special effects and classic music and soundtracks.

In this early production, we teamed the Eighth Doctor up with K9 as a companion. This allowed us to use the tin dog's newly recorded dialogue as a source of exposition.

So early in our production, this episode uses footage from just two Non-Who sources:

  • Sea of Souls: Rebound

  • Fables of Forgotten Things

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