For the grand finale of Season 26C, we wanted to do something a little bit different. Indeed, we had worked on this and the prior series for over ten years so wanted something big to go out with.

Several people had already produced re-edits of The Day of the Doctor as told from the War Doctor's perspective, we felt this was a little too easy an edit to end the series on. While Children of Gallifrey had been very well received, we were disappointed to end the series on what was a glorified action movie, rather than hone our editing skills on an emotional story.

Originally titled "Child of Eternity", this final story told of a lonely wanderer haunted by a decision made long in his past. A writeup for the story is incredibly difficult to compose without spoiling the subject matter so I'll simply say that the episode gradually builds to an emotional and truly thought provoking climax, in ways that few other episodes have been able to.

This story uses footage from the 2010 adaptation of Whistle and I'll Come to You and marks the end of our Season 26B and C stories.

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