Destination: holocaust

After Dark Dimension was cancelled by BBC Enterprises, David Rodan wrote an outline for a story called "Destination Holocaust" that would have featured the Cybermen in a battle with the Seventh Doctor and the Brigadier.

The story was quickly turned down by John Nathan-Turner, for multiple reasons including a costly night shoot. Later, Rodan wrote a story featuring the Celestial Toymaker before finally settling on Dimensions in Time.

While no script of Rodan's story exists, at Season 26B Productions, we didn't let that stand in our way. Using his original outline, we crafted a short mini episode to take a look (or more precisely, listen) at what that may have sounded like!

Featuring performances from Wink Taylor as the Seventh Doctor, and Austin Phillips, reprising his role from Dark Dimension, as the Reverend Merrick!

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