barn time

Not all of the edits that we work on are complex.

Sometimes they are simple stories, born of a simple idea.

Although it's strange to think about it, the 2014 story "Listen" is arguably a multi-Doctor story and so, we were struck by the idea to retell it, from the First Doctor's perspective.

Rather than use footage from the whole story, we confined ourselves to the final scene in the barn, and only used footage that the child Doctor could have seen. That includes Clara and the Tardis exterior but discounts the Twelfth Doctor.

We also included a couple of shots from the 2009 film Knowing to represent early Gallifrey, after being inspired by producer Stuart Humphryes doing the same in his Ten Doctors fan video.

While Barn Time isn't our most complex production, it stands right at the front, as our very first encounter with the Doctor...

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